A Classic Nautical Touch: Compass Rose Bread Boards

Cogworks Compass Rose Cutting Boards

Step into the bright, airy space that is Port Plums, and you’re greeted by a seemingly endless array of beautiful and functional objects.  The studio lights glint off hammered copper pots from Italian cookware company Lagustina, and the bright colors of the Lékué microwavable popcorn bowls clamor for your attention.  But there’s no missing the warm, deep, natural tones of the Compass Rose boards.  Each honey-colored board is made by hand in Antrim, New Hampshire, by skilled artisans who rely on the age-old craft of woodworking and strong engineering talent to create these one-of-a-kind pieces.

“Like a person, no tree is alike,” states their website.  As a result, the grain of each board is slightly varied, ensuring that you’ll be taking home a truly unique piece of art.  And it isn’t just a pretty face – perfect for serving appetizers, each engraved board is treated with food-safe mineral oil and a beeswax finish.  With the proper care, your board will retain its original lustre. This site offers tips on how to care for your wooden boards, including a helpful recipe for a homemade wood-treating method.

“The Compass Rose boards are very reflective of Newburyport, with their nautical theme,” says Katie Shernan, one of the owners of Port Plums.  “They can really make your kitchen or dining room.”  The boards feature an American leather strap on the neck, so they can be hung up on the wall after a hard day’s work – the perfect blend of art and function. These boards are available in store at Port Plums and can be ordered over the phone at 978-462-7700.

Feature by Margaret Leahy