Easy Crispy Carrot Chips

Easy Crispy Carrot Chips

'I want to eat more vegetables, but they go bad before I can eat them!'

Say that on repeat. How many times do you buy a boatload of produce in the hopes of eating healthy all...week...long? Inevitably, a large amount of that produce will end up in a disposal, compost or thrown away. 

We're here to help! These crispy carrot chips from 'Live Eat Learn' last a week and are extremely easy to make. They are the perfect snack for those of us that have a 'grazing' problem (aka one cookie here...a handful of pretzels there...ah hell...how about some chips - it won't hurt anything.)

Click here for the recipe.

Make sure you use high quality olive oil in this recipe for extra taste. Any of these will do. Better yet add some extra flavor using one of these!

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