Black Truffle Dark Balsamic Vinegar

  • Black Truffle Dark Balsamic Vinegar
  • Black Truffle Dark Balsamic Vinegar

Our Black Truffle Dark Balsamic is a unique and delicious addition to our lineup of dark balsamics. High quality Italian black truffles were combined with our Traditional Style Dark Balsamic base to create this elegant, sweet, and almost earthy vinegar. With a rich and heady aroma,  this balsamic can add incredible depth to roast meats, root vegetables, risotto, pasta, or even salads. This vinegar is anything but conventional, and can surely give any dish a delicious truffle flavor. Give it a try on fine cheeses and salami on your next charcuterie board - your taste buds won't know what hit them.

Pairing Suggestions:


Excellent Complements:

  • Vinaigrettes
  • Marinades for oven roasted/grilled poultry, beef, fish, and vegetables
  • Reductions
  • Wild mushrooms
  • Leafy/winter greens
  • Pasta, polenta, or risotto
  • Braised meats
  • Pizza
  • Fine cheese
  • Salumi/charcuterie
  • Fruit

Ideas for Use:

  • Combine with a medium or robust super premium EVOO and use as a marinade for chicken or beef before roasting, braising, or grilling.
  • Reduce and then use to glaze oven-roasted carrots or butternut squash.
  • Drizzle over sautéed wild mushrooms and serve with grilled steak or chicken.
  • Combine with a mild or medium extra virgin olive oil to dress mixed greens served with pan seared scallops.
  • Combine with Lemon Olive Oil or Roasted Walnut Oil to dress a salad of baby arugula, oven roasted mushrooms, and shaved parmesan cheese
  • Drizzle over oven roasted brussels sprouts.
  • Use to finish ravioli or mushroom risotto.
  • Drizzle over grilled/baked fish. Especially delicious over salmon or branzino.
  • Drizzle over sliced tomatoes and burrata; sprinkle with truffle salt.