Infused Hot Honey

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  • Infused Hot Honey
  • Infused Hot Honey


From raw varietals to infused and hot honeys, we have partnered up with Todd Hardie, one of the nation’s most respected beekeepers, to bring you some of the world’s best honeys.
One of nature’s great natural sweeteners, honey lends itself to some incredible flavors.
As we’re always aiming to elevate your everyday food and beverage experiences, honey was the easy next choice for us. Not only does honey have some incredible flavors, but, like our beloved maple, it also carries a number of medicinal qualities. Our passion for quality, innovation and culinary exploration has resulted in the following new products.

Szechuan Peppercorn:
Piney with a tongue-tingling finish that Szechuan peppercorns are known for, this sweet and savory honey will bring complexity to many dishes. Use it as a glaze for pork roast or try it over hard cheeses.

Chipotle Morita:
With a nice kick and a hint of smoke the Chipotle Morita infused honey will not disappoint those seeking sweet heat. The fiery pepper and honey blend beautifully in this sweet/savory combination. There are many uses for this honey but one stands out as a must: drizzled on fried chicken + waffles.