Belgian Chocolate Fondue

  • Belgian Chocolate Fondue
  • Belgian Chocolate Fondue
  • Belgian Chocolate Fondue
  • Belgian Chocolate Fondue

Enjoy decadent Belgian chocolate fondue right at home! Just pick a flavor, microwave for several minutes, and start dipping. 

PG Fondues are made with the finest Belgian Chocolate in their own reusable ceramic container. 

  • Serves 4-5 when served with fruit and other dipping items
  • Net weight 8oz
  • Gluten Free
  • No additives

Milk Chocolate: 
The classic is revisited with our Milk Chocolate.  This variety is smooth as silk and refrains from being overly sweet so you still get the true chocolate flavor on your palate!

White Chocolate: 
For White Chocolate lovers we probably don't need to say any more.  Again we emphasize the natural flavor of our chocolates by limiting the sweetness.  Try the creamy, delicate flavor of our white chocolate for a truly different experience!

Dark Chocolate Fleur de Sel ( French Sea Salt) :
 A true delicacy! Rich Dark Chocolate with here and there a Fleur de Sel (French Sea Salt) crystal. This pop of a salty crunch in your Classic Dark Chocolate is a wonderful surprise for the palate. 
You have to taste it to believe it. The salt is very delicate and does not overwhelm the chocolate!

Dark Chocolate Espresso: 
Velvety Dark Chocolate with a touch of rich Espresso. Very rich and perfect for the Coffee Lover. Try dipping pieces of croissants for a unique experience!