Drumlin Necklace and Bracelet

The Drumlin Necklace and Bracelet are hand-made of Sterling Silver by a Newburyport, MA artist.


A message from Patti Rae, the artist behind Alex Aria and the creator of The Original Newburyport Knot:

The juxtaposition of Nature’s serenity and Her teeming life forces in the moors and ocean’s edges of an island has inspired much of my creative expression as an artist. I began making art in the winter of 2002, as an Artist in Residence at the Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts (NISDA). In isolation, but in communion with Nature’s most hardy, yet simultaneously most fragile elements, I sought solace in the conflicting energies, in the intense beauty of survival.

While the chronicling lens of my camera produces images of Nature’s splendor and scope, evoking mindful recognition of a collective perception of time, inviting active participation in what we see… I also work in jewelry design and watercolor. I design and create silver and stone jewelry that offers the essences of Nature, through color and contour, reflecting the textures of life’s seasons. I paint fanciful watercolors of oceans’ edges landscapes and fantastical flowers.

I find all three media exciting and satisfying. I enjoy customizing my jewelry design work, creating pieces unique to each patron’s lifestyle and desire. You might have seen my “Original Newburyport Knot” bracelet, or the “Nantucket Bicycle Path” necklace on someone around town! My photographs and paintings allow one to both touch upon memories and also tingle with excitement at a new experience with Nature’s gifts.

Although I picked up a camera 12 years ago, I have only just begun the challenging journey of becoming a “photographer”…and wearing (not lightly) the mantle of “Artist.” I have shown my work locally this past year, in small venues, and I had my first show, “Seaside and Inside” on Nantucket this past summer (2013). My work has successfully been accepted into five juried shows, even earning an award for best in category! These efforts have resulted in being invited into the Nantucket Artworks Gallery on Nantucket, as well as participating in several art events in the North Shore area.

I am a soloprenuer of the tiniest kind—me, myself, and I. My goal is to create artful products and services to garnish the lives of my clientele…from simple headshots and artistic portraiture to allowing my customer to guide my lens to create a visual gift of memory and beauty.