Nuo Odor Destroyer

$ 7.95

Don't let odors linger, destroy them with NUO odor destroyer! NUO is a no rinse, simple solution to rid even the toughest odors from your hands like; fish, garlic, onion, and gasoline.

Our Story

"Two sisters growing up on Cape Cod, we were accustomed to the salty lifestyle of living on the coast. We enjoyed long summers of boating, fishing, sailing, and many other water sports. No matter the weather we were always up for the next adventure.

Depending on the activity, sometimes we’d notice unpleasant fishy or low tide odors linger. At one point in our childhood, we actually cared about how we smelled. No, we did not want to smell like fish. We tried all kinds of remedies just to smell fresh, but nothing truly got rid of that fishy odor. Because of our longing for adventure and simultaneous need to be clean and fresh, we took on the challenge to find our own solution!

Through many trials, we developed, NUO™ Odor Destroyer, a product designed to fully destroy any odors left behind on your hands from any adventure. NUO™ is a rinse-less, natural, solution to bad odors, making it easy and accessible in any situation. We designed NUO™ with personal health in mind. It is tough on odors, but gentle on skin. NUO™ destroys all of life's odors that try and linger on your hands, whether that's the fresh catch of the day, greasy foods, potent gasoline from the pump, or sweaty gym equipment. NUO™ strikes the nastiest odors without scrubbing or taking a trip to the sink. Enjoy a great product and drop us a line to let us know what tough odors you destroyed with NUO™!"