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Baker's Blend Vanilla

$ 32.95

4oz bottle

Bakers, we hear you! You bake a lot and want a vanilla extract that will enhance everything you create. We developed our Original Baker’s Blend to be your new premium, all-purpose vanilla extract. We never cut corners when we make our extracts and this blend is no exception. Premium vanilla beans are placed inside our sturdy amber bottle and covered with top-shelf rum. You can use the bean in your baking when the extract is gone. 

The Original Baker’s Blend combines the classic rich vanilla tones of Planifolia beans and the delicate floral notes of the Tahenisis bean with a unique, subtle, underlying sweetness that can only be created when extracting in cane rum. The result is an exceptional vanilla extract that’s perfect for everyday use.  Whether you’re baking a tried-and-true family recipe or experimenting with something new, Vain Original Baker’s Blend will add perfect flavor every time.