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Cocktail & Mocktail Mixes

Cocktail & Mocktail Mixes

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Wood Stove Kitchen is based in Mont Vernon, NH. They proudly make simple but delicious drink mixes using 5 ingredients or less. You may recognize them from the Newburyport Farmer's Market!

Discover your new favorite flavor combination today:

(selection will change seasonally)

Blueberry & Lavender Cocktail Mixer: Sweetened with pure clover honey and perked up with a touch of citrus, this mix is perfect for cocktails or for your iced tea, lemonade, smoothies, or seltzer. Or toss some in your favorite martini or gin and tonic for a beautiful blue color and the taste of Maine blueberries and culinary lavender.

​​Strawberry & Basil Cocktail Mixer: This real, natural strawberry juice, cooled down with basil leaves, tastes so much better than the artificial "strawberry" flavorings you may have tried before. It's ultimately sophisticated rather than overly sweet. Use it in cocktails, iced tea, seltzer, and lemonade...or drop it in some red wine for an incredible SANGRIA. Like all of our products, it's sweetened with a bit of honey and lemon.

Grapefruit & Rosemary Cocktail Mixer: Coming in April 2020, this mixer is our new favorite. It combines tart grapefruit juice with the lovely taste of rosemary and a bit of honey. It's sweet yet also herbal in a delicious and refreshing way. It's perfect with vodka, gin, rum, mezcal, tequila, and more.

Blackberry & Sage Cocktail Mixer: This mixer is a bit dark and stormy. The blackberry juice has a subtle sweetness that is further tempered with fresh sage leaves. The result is a mixer that you can drink all day with seltzer, iced tea, sangria, gin, vodka, rum, or any other spirits. This is perfect for those of you who love fruit flavors but not fruity flavors.

Sangria Mix: With bright tangerines, smooth peach, and a touch of strawberry, this honey-sweetened sangria mixer is unlike any you have tried before. It's made with actual fruit juices and seeks to avoid creating an overly sweet sangria. It's perfect with a low-end red or blush wine, and it's also lovely when simply mixed with seltzer, iced tea, vodka, rum, or any other spirit.

Watermelon & Mint Cocktail Mixer: Perfect for a spritzer or light and refreshing cocktail, this mixer has a light color but packs a whopping dose of mint flavor that meshes perfectly with the watermelon juice. It is probably our favorite drink mixer here to pour into a flute of prosecco or other sparkling wine, though it's also phenomenal in a cocktail with vodka or gin.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Cocktail Mixer: Okay, so it's actually more rhubarb than strawberry. The fresh-pressed rhubarb juice has a sweetness and earthiness that blends perfectly with the fresh strawberries. It's like the perfect pie -- only you can drink it with alcohol. This bright red color is out of this world.

Rose, Honey & Lemon Cocktail Mixer: We have taken organic rose metals and lemon juice and sweetened them up with some honey and made a remarkably simple and out-of-this-world mixer that is best with vodka, gin, or rum but which is also great just in hot water as a tea or in smoothies or lemonade. Rose-infused lemonade or iced tea anyone?

Cilantro-Lime Cocktail Mixer: Most mixes for margaritas, mojitos, gimlets, and other citrusy cocktails tend to be way too sweet have have little flavor besides lime and perhaps some imitation triple sec.  Our cilantro-lime mix all-natural lime juice, rounded out with New England clover honey, and a ridiculously large dose of fresh - NOT DRIED - cilantro. Make yourself an herbal mojito or margarita today or simply enjoy with seltzer.

Mimosa: The newest mixer makes it even easier and more convenient and delicious to enjoy a mimosa. Our Mimosa Mixer is made with real tangerine and mango juice concentrates. Just put a dash in your sparkling wine (or sparkling cider or seltzer) to enjoy an incredible beverage. It tastes better than simply using orange juice, and you can bring this small bottle virtually anywhere. Given that it's small -- and that the mixer is concentrated -- you can bring it anywhere (e.g., a friend's house, the boat, the beach, the camping trip, etc.). Mothers-to-be will also love the fact that it can be enjoyed sans booze.

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