"Pour and Go" Seasoning Packs

  • "Pour and Go" Seasoning Packs
  • "Pour and Go" Seasoning Packs
  • "Pour and Go" Seasoning Packs
  • "Pour and Go" Seasoning Packs
  • "Pour and Go" Seasoning Packs
  • "Pour and Go" Seasoning Packs

Homemade...Made Easy. Simple Recipes, Great Flavors.

These blends have been carefully crafted and tested for ease of use and maximum flavor, with ingredients you can pronounce. As always, no artificial flavorings, colors, preservatives, gluten...any of that. 

El Gringo Loco Taco Seasoning:
Authentic Mexican flavor....Three easy steps!
Search no further. We have crafted up a fantastic blend of herbs and spices specifically designed to take your taco night to another level. This three step pour-and-go packet is good for seasoning any sort of taco filling, be it ground beef, turkey, vegetables, etc. Flavors of New Mexican chiles, jalapenos, and smoked paprika showcase the wonderful pepper nuance that we live for, and we hope you do to! As always, no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, gluten...any of that. We believe in all-natural, top quality ingredients.  
Directions: In a proper frying pan, brown 1 lb. of beef (or pork, turkey, chicken, tofu, etc.

Hangry Onion Dip Mix:
Roasted Onion and Shallot Dip
It’s like French onion dip, only hangrier. A perfect party favor, this bold blend of seasonings makes a wonderfully zesty dip perfect to have on hand for any occasion...in about 30 minutes time. You can expect an upfront smack of roasted California onions, and air-dried shallots, followed by a nice citrus tang, a bite of horseradish, and a little heat from our pequin chilies.   
Directions: Empty entire packet of seasoning mix into a bowl with a pint of sour cream or greek yogurt. Mix well and allow to rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before enjoying.  
Ingredients: Roasted onion, minced onion, shallots, onion powder, granulated garlic, sea salt, parsley, lemon juice powder, pequin chilies, horseradish.

Hot Mess Sloppy Joe Mix:
Rejoice the ugly sandwich!
Finally, it has arrived. An all-natural option for one of the best, ugliest sandwiches out there. Transport yourself to your happy place in a few easy steps. A perfect option for an easy and delicious dinner, lunch, snack, or breakfast I guess... no judgement here. After numerous rounds of 'totally necessary' taste testing, we welcome you to sandwich bliss, with just the right amount of spice blended amongst onions, organic bell peppers, garlic, and organic brown sugar. Proof that once again, it's possible to make great results free of any preservatives, anti-caking agents, artificial flavors, or msg. Trust us, you're gonna love this.

Mac Daddy Cheese Sauce Mix:
Indulge in guilty, cheesy pleasure.
Paying homage to our Wisconsin roots never tasted so good. Our spiced up mac and cheese sauce mix starts with pure cheddar cheese, then we added plenty of organic red and green bell pepper, jalapeno powder, and well-balanced seasonings to round everything off. This is a sure bet for all you mac and cheese lovers out there...because, cheese.   All you need to bring is pasta, milk and butter, leave the rest to us.
A few ideas from the test kitchen:
* Sprinkle over popcorn for 'queso corn'
* Mix into sour cream for a cheddar cheese dip
* Goes well over baked potatoes, or fries!
* Great for making cheese soups  
Ingredients: Cheddar cheese powder, organic red bell pepper, green bell pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, jalapeno powder, sea salt, cornstarch


Bold & Spicy Chili Mix:
Taking the guess work out of chili!
Great to have on hand whenever the mood for chili strikes. Let us do the dirty work of properly blending herbs and spices to make a great pot of chili, without overloading your spice rack with a bunch of ingredients you may not need to keep on hand.   Directions: Brown 1 lb. of ground beef, add the seasoning packet, 1 cup of water, and 1 28oz. can of crushed tomatoes. Allow to simmer for an hour, and enjoy a great bowl of chili. Feel free to modify this recipe by adding your favorite peppers, beans, or vegetables. Get creative, and take all the credit.  
Ingredients: Organic brown sugar, cumin, ancho chile, minced onion, minced garlic, sea salt, black pepper, white vinegar powder, smoked paprika, oregano, jalapeno powder