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Seven Hills Pasta

Seven Hills Pasta

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"Our pasta making process begins by selecting high quality
Semola Di Grano Duro wheat flour.
Our recipe is simple - flour and water.
Soft dough is gently kneaded in our pasta machines imported from Italy. As the pasta is extruded through custom bronze dies, it acquires the characteristic rough texture that even the silkiest of sauces will cling to. Finally, the pasta undergoes a 24 hour drying period thus gaining the firm al dente quality that separates an ordinary plate of pasta from a truly memorable meal."
Made in Massachusetts!

Rigatoni: This traditional shape shine best when baked with parmigiano, porcini mushrooms, sausage, and rosemary.

Gnocchetti Sardi: Nicknamed "the poor man's gnocchi," this Sardinian classic reaches perfection covered in hearty meat ragout.

Organic Stelline: This organic pastina for children provides a clean and healthy option for families who are enthusiastic about organic food!

Organic Gigli: Meaning "lily flower" in Italian, this delicate shape is quick-cooking and pairs great with pestos and lighter, silkier sauces.

Fusilli: The all-time favorite for cold pasta salads and best friends of a light and crisp genovese basil pesto. 

Casarecce: Literally meaning "homemade," our casarecce pair exquisitely well with sauces such as puttanesca or a fresh Sicilian pesto.

Organic Creste di Gallo: A fancier version of the classic elbow shape, this is the perfect pasta to uplift any mac and cheese recipe.


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